My brother Jady Guidry is in the process of creating a farming business on his property in Larose, LA. His plan is to create a legit business with his farming, so he really wanted to create a nice and attractive logo that represented his small farm.

I really can’t take much credit for the overall look because he started off by sending me images to combine along with his own basic mockup of the logo. So, we were off to creating his farmstead logo for “Guidry’s Cajun Farmstead”.

This is what I got to start

“Want to combine all these logos. Thinking about the diamond shape then have a cypress tree, chicken and maybe a pig all in black and background will have the different color orange stripes. Want to be close to the Home Farm logo.”

Before I got to work on the design, he did his own thing in paint. It was with this graphic that he pretty much got the concept going.

I took off from there creating the background and adding the elements like the cypress

After going back and forth a few times, we finally decided on the final logo for Guidry’s Cajun Farmstead.

Here it is!