My ultimate goal and passion in life is helping people get their Wants! I am working on creating a network of products and services to help people get their Wants.

My biggest project is MyWants Inc. With this project, I am working on creating a network organizations to help individuals and organizations in regards to getting their Wants. My goal is to help establish key partnerships with providers and tight relationship with individuals, and help them connect to fulfill each of their wants and needs.

What I do as Kelsi Guidry…

Life Projects

  • Help establish a road map for their life
  • Help become more productive
  • Help manage their time better
  • Help learn and establish a goal setting process
  • Help create a balanced personal and business life
  • Help build powerful relationships
  • Help make big life transitions
  • Help learn how to solve a Rubik’s Cube and apply those lessons to life
Media Projects
  • Help establish an online presence
  • Help increase an online presence
  • Help establish identity among target market
  • Help establish recognition of product/service
  • Help increase recognition of product/service
  • Help attract employment opportunities online
Health and Wellness Projects
  • Help lose weight
  • Help learn how to properly diet for the rest of your life
  • Help learn how to exercise

Also, Contact Me For…

  • A Business Opportunity
  • MyWants Business Opportunity
  • Becoming a MyWants Employee or Vendor
  • A media request / interview
  • Making a product or service recommendation to his followers.
  • Advertising on or the MyWants Website Network
  • Just to Meet Me…. or Chat

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