What People Want

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world of wantsThe world is no longer about living simple, and getting by with only the things you need.  Everyone “Wants”.” They “Want” something. And some of these wants are actually needs. I came away from reading a comment from a blog and came up with this, “it is not only about living with the things you need, it is about living a comfortably fulfilled life with the things you want.” If you go through life consuming only the things you need, you will have a much unfulfilled life with nothing left behind for others to remember you by. Even the most humble people “Want” peace on earth or something to that affect. And then that “Want” creates many different needs to be able to try and make that happen. Plus, I think it would be extremely boring to only sit back and consume your basic needs. Isn’t that what parasites and simple minded animals do?

But anyway, we were born with a terminal illness, life, we will die from it. Why not make the most out of life and live with things that make our lives fulfilling? This does not necessarily mean that a fulfilling life should be made out of money, expensive cars, lavish homes, and huge boats. Although if you have these things or want these things, fulfill others lives with them. It all balls down to having fun and/or doing something you believe in. I believe that this life cannot be lived to fulfill only your wants; it must also be lived to fulfill others’ “Wants”, or better, their needs as well. Others are stuck in the rollercoaster of life, as well as you are, and may not have the means to fulfill their own lives, help them.

Now let me clarify a little of what I mean by “What people want”, and these “Wants” I keep referring to. I hope that people can understand that it is ok to “Want” something. The first thing many people think about when they say they want something, are things like what I said before: money, cars, homes, boats, etc. But many people want things like peace, safety, to travel, and just plain ole fun. Everyone is different and should be allowed to fulfill their lives with whatever they want, as long as others are getting fulfilled at the same time. If you have or want money, take others out for great entertainment. If you have or want a nice car, take others joy riding with you. If you have a big boat, take all your friends fishing. If you want peace and safety, create a program that promotes these things in your local area, and give it a way to possibly spread throughout the world. If you want something, you must actively work to make it happen. And if you want to do something, it takes things to make it happen. As I said before, your wants create needs, and these new life needs are now beyond the basics.

I was going to provide a list of all the things I thought people wanted, but I am going to leave that up to the wondering minds. Everyone is different, so they want many different things. A person should figure out what they “Want” in life and not allow anything to hold them back from getting it. It is okay to want things, as long as it is for the right reasons. By fulfilling other peoples’ lives, you are fulfilling your own. We are all on the ride of life, HAVE FUN!

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