Starting My Blog Series on How I Get My Wants

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If i’m going to write my book about getting my wants by utilizing my blog, I want to start off by taking the approach as if I was actually writing a book. The only difference is that my entire process is going to be public instead of hidden and private only on my computer.

So the first question… How the hell do I even go about writing this kind of book?

Start Rambling

I have read a blog post online by the title of “How to Start Writing a Book“. I guess that is a decent place to start. The reason I even mention it is because I read this, “When I sit down with a blank page I have no preconceptions. I just start writing and plan to figure it all out later once there are a few pages of rambles and rants to work from.”  That seems like a perfect place to start for me. I don’t really know where I want to go with this, so I need to simply start rambling about how I get the things I want.

I was thinking of at LEAST getting some topics listed as a place to start rambling about. The things I want in life mostly have to do with education, relationships, health, financial, and career. However, the most important thing is simply being organized. I don’t think you can get everything you want in life if you don’t plan and work on obtaining it. If this is the case, people really need to understand and have a system that allows them to keep themselves accountable.

These are going to be my starting points. I know for sure that I have a few things I want to say about each of these topics.

Take Notes 

I started bringing a notebook around with me in January 2011 as a way to start taking a journal of the things I do and my random thoughts and plans. Its a great way to clear my head of all the ideas I always get so I can concentrate better on what I should be doing at the moment. The notebook goes with me just about everywhere I go. If I don’t have my notebook, I also have my phone, scratch paper, computer, internet… something to write down my thoughts.

The great thing about having notes is that you can review them anytime. You can go back and read and piece together what happened and when. There is NO need to try to remember things.

Especially in writing this type of book, my notes will help me with timelines and specifics. Not to mention, reading the notes at a later date is entertaining as well.

Write Everyday

The biggest thing I need and want to do is to simply write everyday. Even If I were to write down thoughts or happenings for only 5 minutes, that time and content will add up. I don’t really have a day in mind that I want to finish this book. That means writing everyday is very important.

I know what you may be thinking… Put a day you want to accomplish your book by, you will push yourself to do it. That is the number 1 rule in goal setting. You see, the thing is that i’m most likely not going to get some of my wants until later on in life. I really don’t want to write about how to go about getting my wants before I actually get them. So, I will just write everyday about my plans and actions I took to get there and THEN talk about how I finally got there.


This blog series leading up to my book is most likely going to take YEARS. I mean, my ultimate want in life is to own an island. That is most likely not going to happen for a while.







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