Kelsi Guidry, How I Get My Wants

One day in the future I hope to start on a project which is a book about the things I do to get what I want. However, now that I think about it, I may simply use this blog and create a series of blog posts that do just that. Those interested can simply follow along and interact with me as I continue to gain insights and share my thoughts.

Eventually I still hope to be in a situation that I convert my blog posts into a book of its own anyway. It can be somewhat of an insightful biography type book. Who knows, a person or two might want to read it.

I’ll use this time to work on my writing skills, grammer and spelling being that I am not too good at those things.

The goal is to have this book published by the end of 2016. That is the year I turn 30 years old. Along with the other goals I have, publishing a book around this time would be perfect.

Let the writing of how I Get My Wants begin!!

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Kelsi Guidry is the Founder of MyWants Inc. – a Coaching and Consulting company that helps small businesses and individuals get their wants. We are a guide, partner, trainer, and source to the best resources in the world via the ever expanding, socially dynamic, MyWants Network.