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I have always wanted to get into the stock market. I’m thanking God that I didn’t do so before the crashing market of 2008. As I’m looking at a bunch of stocks online, I see how damaging It must have been for so many individuals. However, here I am in 2012 and came up with the idea that I was going to learn the stock market by actually getting involved in it. I’m very interested in the business industry and how money works, so this simply an area of like that I like and want to be involved in.

January 12th 2012 marked my first day as being a stock investor. Although i’m playing around with small numbers, it is my start. Currious as to what that first stock was? Well, my first stock choice was going to be Wendy’s. I thought my mind was made up and I was going to put all my money (my small initial investment amount) on them. However, after reading a few things about diversification I decided even though I didn’t have much money to invest, I was still going to invest in multiple stocks. Right before my first purchase, I changed my mind and went with another company. I purchased stock in Pandora Media at $12.13.

Since my first purchase I have also purchased stock in Wendy’s like I was originally planning on doing. Wendy’s is speculated to pass Burger King to take the #2 spot for fast food restaurants. They are also about to expand into Asian markets this year.

My third choice of stock was in a company called Cumulus Media. I didn’t know much about these guys, but read enough news about them that I thought they had some good stuff going for them. So, I gave it a stab.

These first 3 stock picks of mine are going to be a great learning tool for me. I have already learned so much about reading into the businesses financials and some of Warren Buffets stock picking techniques. This knowledge that I’m learning is hopefully going to put me in a position where I can be well enough financially educated to at least know if the stock market is or isn’t a good thing to do with my money.

Wish me luck in my new venture!


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