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MyWants Inc., Utilize the Web and Social Media

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( — What are your wants? This is the single most important question behind the unique and expanding Coaching and Consulting Company, MyWants Inc. At MyWants Inc., they want to know exactly what your wants and passions are so they can help you create strategies and tactics to utilize the web and social media to reach these goals.

MyWants Inc. helps organizations and individuals gain motivation and knowledge to organize their lives online to get their wants. You can utilize free sources from MyWants Inc. such as for help with Social Media.  You can also work one-on-one with their team of coaching consultants in order to assist with strategic planning and implementations. At MyWants Inc., you can count on obtaining the best web and social media services and knowledgeable staff you need to utilize the internet.

Changes since “Celebrating Year Of Business”

My StepRep account recently sent me a result of a page that I was aware of a while back. It is a Nicholls State student paper, Nicholls Worth, that was published on 2/21/08. After reading through the article, Student Celebrates Year of Owning Online Business, I realized that a lot has changed.

So If you have read the article I just linked to, here are the differences of what is going on with MyWants Inc. after just over 3 years.

The company did start off as TeenWants Inc. with the main project being We were aiming at creating an ultimate resource for teens around the world with many social networking features. Being that we faced many snags in the development process of our site, there has been many changes to our end goal.

The difference now is that is only one small piece of the goal of MyWants Inc. If you keep up with my posts and see any posts from, you know that we have many “” websites with still being one. Being that we struggled with development, we are now focusing our attention to creating an ultimate resource with the help from many bloggers from around the world who are already focusing on specific subjects such as teens, social media, and health. +Continue Reading