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Kelsi Guidry is the Coolest Cajun



Saying that Kelsi Guidry is the Coolest Cajun is a very strong and unusual statement to make right?! Yes, I agree, it is. Although I do think I’m the coolest cajun it really only matters if Google thinks so, right?

The reason I am doing this post and did this video is because my friend Marshall Wayne of MovieStarEntrepreneur recently created a video call “Marshall Wayne is the hottest man in the Galaxy“. He wanted to test how fast he can get ranked in Google for his long-tail keyword case study. If you do a search for hottest man in the galaxy, you will find Marshall there.

I wanted to do the same to demonstrate to my friends and followers that it takes a little time to search for opening with longer key words and create content to try to rank for them. My real test is for the keyword: +Continue Reading