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Kelsi Guidry, How I Get My Wants

One day in the future I hope to start on a project which is a book about the things I do to get what I want. However, now that I think about it, I may simply use this blog and create a series of blog posts that do just that. Those interested can simply follow along and interact with me as I continue to gain insights and share my thoughts.

Eventually I still hope to be in a situation that I convert my blog posts into a book of its own anyway. It can be somewhat of an insightful biography type book. Who knows, a person or two might want to read it.

I’ll use this time to work on my writing skills, grammer and spelling being that I am not too good at those things.

The goal is to have this book published by the end of 2016. That is the year I turn 30 years old. Along with the other goals I have, publishing a book around this time would be perfect.

Let the writing of how I Get My Wants begin!!

My 2007 Dodge Ram Big Horn For Sale


VIN – 1D7HA18P47J605236
Make: Dodge Ram Big Horn
Body: PK
Color: BGE/ (Cool Vanilla)
Year: 2007

Sliding Back glass window, 20″ Chrome rims with lock nuts, Full Electric, Cruise, Single CD, AUX jack

It does have a ding on the driver side bumper. Also, the passenger side fog light was knocked out. Other than that, minor nicks and thats all.

Contact Me if Interested +Continue Reading

I Want An AirCut, I Got An AirCut

I have been cutting my hair on my own for about 6 years now. It started one day by really needing a hair cut, wanting it NOW, and my barber not being home to give me one. I went into the bathroom with a pair of hair shears and just started cutting. I figured being that I had curly hair you wouldn’t be able to notice inperfections. After I was done, I was right, it looked like any ole’ hair cut. So that was it, I started cutting my hair ever since then with a professional cut in there every once and a while.

After a few years I ended up discovering the Flowbee! It was amazing! Just sucks up the hair into the little hand held device that is attached to a vacuum and cuts it. Very easy, and no mess. I have been doing these for about 2 years now.

Some time in 2009 I came across something called the AirCut somewhere online. It is another hand held self hair cut system, but this one doesn’t need a vacuum. It is all in the device itself and basically looks like a blow dryer that works in reverse to cut when the hair goes in. Ever since I saw it, I wanted one! I was relying on Kassi’s parents Flowbee for my hair cuts, but with an AirCut I could do it all on my own and I don’t need a good vacuum.

I was waiting to get an AirCut on some type of special occasion. On the day before my BDay there was a package delieved for Kassi, and it was an AIRCUT, FOR ME!!! For My BDay!! I was so excited that I finally got my own AirCut and can cut my hair whenever I want, at my own place. +Continue Reading

Flying Solo With MyWants

The time and opportunity has come for me to once again go full time with the operations of MyWants Inc. For the last year or so I was put into the position that I had to get a full time job besides working with MyWants. It was something I had to do to keep my head above water as well as MyWants’ head above water.

But now, I am leaving my full time job to work strictly within my passion for business and the use of the internet to help people get their wants in life. Although I say i’m flying solo, this doesn’t mean that i’m doing it alone. I have my family, friends, and team members who are supporting me in this venture just as they did before.

I’m going to use this time to work as hard and long as I can to setup MyWants Inc. as the leader in the new media field by providing high quality services, websites, and applications that help organizations and individuals organize their lives online to obtain their wants and needs. This is MY vision as well as the vision of MyWants.

Well, here I go! And Wish Me Luck!

Helping Get Your Wants With My Wants

I am very big into helping people in whatever way that I can. My Want in life is to help people get their wants.

I started MyWants Inc. in 2007 as a company to do just that,  help people and businesses get their wants. More specifically I want MyWants Inc. to not only help people get their wants, but using the internet to organize your life online to get your wants.

There are so many people, websites, organizations, tools, platforms, software, communities, systems, etc. that can help you with every area of your life in the online world. With the millions of each currently there and millions to come, the job is going to be harder and harder to know what the best of the best is.

So the problem is, there is so much to sift through and MyWants Inc. is going to help people to do that. Our network of websites, bloggers, and applications are going to help people and businesses by sifting out the best things online to help you get your wants wheather that be related to your health wants, teen wants, social wants, movie wants, etc. Whatever it may be, our goal is to simply help you by creating these resources and community of professionals to help you along the way. +Continue Reading