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Want to Lose Weight? On a Budget? Let YouTube Help You!

Are you ready to lose some weight? Although some of us may set a weight loss goal for ourselves, there are still some things that are holding us back. One of the largest factors that are holding many people back at the moment is likely to be money. Yes, money is one of the reasons that many individuals do not want to dedicate themselves to certain goals they are trying to achieve, especially a weight loss goal of any kind.

Most people relate losing weight with gym membership, driving to a workout spot, purchasing pricy workout videos, and maybe even purchasing nicer workout clothes so you do not stick out like a sore thumb amongst the veterans.  However, all of these things are not at all needed when it comes to losing weight. If you want to lose weight and need to keep a close eye on your budget in these tough economic times, I am here to tell you that you do not need to spend a single extra penny to do so. If you already have access to the internet in your home and you can visit good ‘ole YouTube, you have direct access to everything you need to start losing weight RIGHT NOW.

And for those of you who are a little more technically advanced. I have added QR codes to each of the videos I mention. These codes can be scanned with a QR Code reader on a mobile phone and you will be taken straight to the actual video right on your phone while reading this article. RedLaser is a good, FREE, QR Code Reader.

Set Your Goal and Get Motivated

First thing you need to do is actually set the goal for yourself while getting pumped up and motivated. We all know basically what needs to be done, but setting a specific goal and getting a little motivation makes all the difference. Start out your YouTube Weight Loss program by searching YouTube for Zig Ziglar Setting Goals 1 of 3 (Important, first 1:31 seconds).  Zig greatly explains a concept of weight loss while discussing the first step of goal setting in this dated video. +Continue Reading

You Should Mind Your Manners

I came across a list of manners in my Instant Genius book that made me think this should be inforced much more… not just with kids, but with adults also.

Here we go

1. Look at the person when you are shaking hands

2. Say “Yes, thank you” and “No, ma’am” and “Yes, Mrs. Smith,” not just “yes” and “no”

3. Say “Thank you for a very nice afternoon/evening” or, “Thank you, I had a lovely time” when you are saying goodbye to a host.

4. Do not interrupt older people

5. Wait at doorways until older people have gone through. Men should also learn to let girls precede them.

6. Be scrupulously polite to anyone who receives wages in return for service. The kind of rudeness which should never be tolerated is that which refers to the fact that these people are employed.

Big Things Start With Little Things

I came across a quote within an article on Zig Zigglars website from the article Denial is More Than Just a River in Egypt. The quote was…

“If we’re going to do big things in life, we must begin with those little things we do every day”

This is a great little peace of insight that I think is very true. So many people believe that change is hard, making a difference is a big undertaking, and my small actions do not matter overall. However, simple little gestures can make a world of a difference for someone else. I bet you can make something big happen in life if you just make it a point to make at least one small kind gesture to someone EVERY DAY! I know its already February, but that is a great new years resolution. It is not too late to start.

If you really think about it, one small thing can make a huge different in someones life and can ripple through the lives of many others. Have you ever heard that a smile is contagious? Smiling at one person usually makes that person smile back and give someone else a smile. That one little gesture can travel really far. +Continue Reading

Don’t Need to Be Perfect To Start Moving

This is a post I made for

“It’s better to move when you’re 80 percent ready and make up the other 20% while you’re moving than it is to wait until your 100% prepared”

This is a quote I picked up from Million Dollar Consulting
by Alan Weiss. I think that so many individuals with entrepreneurial minds fall into this trap. They get an idea and then try to get things perfectly lined up to implement a plan. All this is doing is slowing you down and NOT gaining you any traction.

Now, do notice that you should be around 80% and not just jump at your idea with little to no planning.

Just know that things don’t have to be perfect to start whatever it is your wanting to do.

Kelsi Guidry is the Coolest Cajun



Saying that Kelsi Guidry is the Coolest Cajun is a very strong and unusual statement to make right?! Yes, I agree, it is. Although I do think I’m the coolest cajun it really only matters if Google thinks so, right?

The reason I am doing this post and did this video is because my friend Marshall Wayne of MovieStarEntrepreneur recently created a video call “Marshall Wayne is the hottest man in the Galaxy“. He wanted to test how fast he can get ranked in Google for his long-tail keyword case study. If you do a search for hottest man in the galaxy, you will find Marshall there.

I wanted to do the same to demonstrate to my friends and followers that it takes a little time to search for opening with longer key words and create content to try to rank for them. My real test is for the keyword: +Continue Reading