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Guest Lecture at CTC on Managing Your Career Online

ctc logoI was privileged enough to be asked to hold a guest lecture at Career Technical College in Monroe, LA on August 21, 2013.

Before I spoke, I was told to come up with basically whatever topic I wanted, but I was encouraged to speak about social media. The individual who got me the gig had attended a few of my public speaking gigs around social media and the web.

At first I wasn’t too sure about speaking just on social media to a career class. There was no need to teach these students how to actually function the tools. However, I decided to make the lecture match the class and my knowledge and made it about “Managing Your Career Online.” +Continue Reading

Starting My Blog Series on How I Get My Wants

If i’m going to write my book about getting my wants by utilizing my blog, I want to start off by taking the approach as if I was actually writing a book. The only difference is that my entire process is going to be public instead of hidden and private only on my computer.

So the first question… How the hell do I even go about writing this kind of book?

Start Rambling

I have read a blog post online by the title of “How to Start Writing a Book“. I guess that is a decent place to start. The reason I even mention it is because I read this, “When I sit down with a blank page I have no preconceptions. I just start writing and plan to figure it all out later once there are a few pages of rambles and rants to work from.”  That seems like a perfect place to start for me. I don’t really know where I want to go with this, so I need to simply start rambling about how I get the things I want.

I was thinking of at LEAST getting some topics listed as a place to start rambling about. The things I want in life mostly have to do with education, relationships, health, financial, and career. However, the most important thing is simply being organized. I don’t think you can get everything you want in life if you don’t plan and work on obtaining it. If this is the case, people really need to understand and have a system that allows them to keep themselves accountable.

These are going to be my starting points. I know for sure that I have a few things I want to say about each of these topics.

+Continue Reading

300 Calorie Meals Project

I got in contact with an individual who runs a publication in Louisiana called “The Minute Magazine”. The reason I did this was because I wanted to make a connection for MyWants, but I also wanted to possibly write a column for them and get some recognition among their readers. So, I came up with the idea of writing about how people can lose weight using YouTube. Cool article idea, right? haha

As I get into the article I came to a place where I needed to refer my readers in finding 300 calorie meals to eat. However, I ran into a problem! There was a bunch of poor videos and now reliable source for these types of videos. Being the entrepreneur that I am, my wheels started spinning!

I came up with the idea to start a video channel that was all about 300 calorie meals. Come to find out, was also for sale. I contacted the owner and found out they were selling it for only $10. Once I found that out, it was on. I purchased the domain name, setup a YouTube account, and secured profiles on Facebook and Twitter. By that weekend, I had the website setup and ready to go. +Continue Reading

MyWants Facebook App Launch

We have been working on the MyWants app for just about a year now. What was supposed to be a 1 month project turned into a 1 year project. LONG story…

BUT anyway, the application is in BETA and ready for launch.

The MyWants app simply allows Facebook users to create a list of their wants and share them with friends. You can also use the app to help you Get your wants with the “Get This”

For a general overview, check out the MyWants App Overview video I made.

But most of all, I would like to hear feedback from those of you who check it out. What do you think of the overall idea? Is this something you think you will utilize?

The MyWants Network

I have been wanting to create something that I call the “MyWants Network”. It has been my idea, since the beginning of MyWants, to create a network of niche websites. Finally, I have been able to take the time to layout and create the start of the MyWants Network.
Let me explain a little on how this will work.

Hub Website ( – Being that MyWants is made of many different websites, we needed one single website that acts as the hub to the entire network. is going to act as a web portal with links to others sections of and other “Wants” websites.

Company Website ( – This is just what it sounds like. This is the corporate page for MyWants Inc. This website is going to be a place to read news, stories, and latest happenings with the company. It is here that you can also meet the entire team behind Mywants Inc. +Continue Reading