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Ultimate SocialWants Idea

I have been thinking a lot lately on what I’m going to do with the multiple websites under MyWants Inc. My goal was to always combine them in some fashion to create the “MyWants Network”, but I still lacked the EXACT thing I wanted to do with each site.

My original idea was to create multiple websites that were very technical and ground breaking, but I lack to skills to accoplish those things. My next idea was to hire people to create it, I soon found out that this was WAY our of my budget range. My other idea was to find people who would join in the idea and take somewhat of an equity stake to build these things. However, I have come to realize that people don’t really like working for equity… Well at least as for as I see. So, my final idea is to be simple and something I can handle on my own with a little extra hard work and effort from my end. Now, this does NOT only involve myself. I need much help to accomplish my goals of each website.

I am starting my new simple plan among the MyWants Network with one of my most passionate areas of interest, Social Media and

I want SocialWants to be +Continue Reading

How to Start Your Own Business

workmanfrom wikiHow – The How to Manual That You Can Edit
Running your own business is a rewarding but demanding career and life choice. There are many different opinions about how to start a business from writing and researching a detailed business plan to jumping into a passion and trying to make money out of it.


  1. Start with an idea. This doesn’t have to be a brand new invention or new product. In fact, many successful small businesses have found a way to deliver an existing service more efficiently or economically or have customized an existing product or service.
  2. Put together a business plan. This doesn’t require hundreds of pages with thousands of charts. Use the plan to research things like how much you can charge for your product/service, how much it will cost to produce or deliver (include variable & fixed costs), and the size of your potential market (i.e. # of customers). The plan should evaluate your competitors – how many competitors, how strong are they, where are they, how will you compete. The plan should state what is required to enter this market, barriers to entry such as high fixed costs (factories, restaurants) and government regulations that must be met. +Continue Reading