Big Things Start With Little Things

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I came across a quote within an article on Zig Zigglars website from the article Denial is More Than Just a River in Egypt. The quote was…

“If we’re going to do big things in life, we must begin with those little things we do every day”

This is a great little peace of insight that I think is very true. So many people believe that change is hard, making a difference is a big undertaking, and my small actions do not matter overall. However, simple little gestures can make a world of a difference for someone else. I bet you can make something big happen in life if you just make it a point to make at least one small kind gesture to someone EVERY DAY! I know its already February, but that is a great new years resolution. It is not too late to start.

If you really think about it, one small thing can make a huge different in someones life and can ripple through the lives of many others. Have you ever heard that a smile is contagious? Smiling at one person usually makes that person smile back and give someone else a smile. That one little gesture can travel really far.

So, if your going to start doing big things in life, start with the little things. You may be surprised at just how far that alone will take you.

This also made me Google the term “little things matter”. I came across a book with this exact title, “Little Things Matter
“. The subtitle is 100 ways to improve your life today”. Sounds like something I am interested in reading and you may be too.

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