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My name is Kelsi Guidry. I am a Cajun by blood, born and raised in Cut Off Louisiana. I have many hobbies, even more business projects, and I enjoy giving others insights into anything I learn.

This website is my outlet for publicly displaying my work and life adventures with the hopes of educating others and being open and accessible to my friends, family, and clients.


My work varies, but fairly consistent at the same time. I started a business back in 2007, MyWants Inc., which was aimed at aggregating the best resources for teenagers in a single website. My ignorance in operating a business and managing contractors led to a faulty and spam filled initial website. However, in that time I learned website development and web marketing. Since 2008 until now, the business has focused on providing resources and services to small businesses. The main goal was to help others who came across all the same problems I did when I was starting.

Today, I operate MyWants.biz which is a business resources website, BizGofer for small business services, and SiteGainWebsites.com for website services. I spend most of my time performing or arranging tasks for clients which usually has to do with setting up web accounts, graphic design, and website development.

The work section of this website also includes client projects, internal projects, investing, and anything else that involves my crazy ADD entrepreneur brain.

My Hometown & French Cajun Culture

I was born and raised in the small town of Cut Off, Louisiana which is South South West of New Orleans. When I tell people I live South of New Orleans, I usually hear, “I didn’t know there was anything South of New Orleans”. So, yes, I basically grew up in the Gulf of Mexico.

Cut Off if part of a string of small towns known to the locals as “Down the Bayou” which is pronounced more like “Down da Baya”. Most people from here have a heavy Cajun accent which is why its said that way. Cajuns, aka Acadians, are  descendants of French Canadians around Nova Scotia. Acadians were exciled by the British and eventually many migrated to Louisiana. Cajuns have their own unique French dialect. Growing up, we learned words that were normal to us not even knowing and understanding they were French words, but French words that France French people would not even know. Here is a good list of Cajun Slang Words, many of them that we grew up saying.

Being that my ancestors are French, I guess that is why I really love French Bread. haha. When my wife and I went to France, I had to buy a French bread and pose with it under my armpit. 😉


My biggest hobby at the time is creating and maintaining a saltware reef tank aquarium. Those who partake in this hobby are “reefing” and we call each other “reefers”.

I’m in the process of building up my current 210 gallon reef tank aquarium. We purchased the tank and stand from a guy in New Orleans. The picture here is right after we moved everything in before we even put the doors on the stand. We used our rocks, fish, and coral from our previous 100 gallon reef tank setup we had when we were living in Calhoun, LA.

I think I enjoy the hobby so much because of its complexity. There is so much to learn about the biology of the animals and chemistry of the water. All of these little variables can create a stunning reef tank or kill everything in it. Figuring it all out and piecing techniques and equipment to create a healthy tank is very fulfilling.

The goal for our tank is a full and thriving SPS (small polyp stony coral) dominate mixed reef tank.

My Reef as of January 2023