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Let me start off by saying that my ultimate goal in life and for MyWants (my company) is to help people… Help people get their Wants. I understand that people “Need” things, and needs come before wants, but my focus with MyWants is to help people go above and beyond their basic needs. I want to help people reach their ultimate goals in life.

I want to motivate people to accomplish things and be able to give a helping hand when they don’t have the connections, tools, resources, or time to do something on their own.

I want to work with people who aspire to be something big and will work for it.

Hi, my name is Kelsi Guidry and I am the Founder of MyWants Inc. – a specialty retailer of personal and business services that helps individuals and organizations get their wants.

I grew up in a small town called Cut Off, LA and went to South Lafourche High School. I then went to Nicholls State University, where I received a BS in Health and Wellness. Although my degree does not focus directly with business or technology, I was able to start MyWants Inc. while on campus with help from the Nicholls State Entre Lab. While there I also joined the Sigma Alpha Epsilon National Fraternity.

In my free time, I enjoy brainstorming about business ideas, learning about social media products and services, socializing with people, playing racquetball, lacrosse, paintball, capoeira, texas holdem poker and hanging out with my wonderful fiance, Kassi. I also love to cook and focus on staying healthy.

However, my biggest passions, as I said before, is creating products and services that help people get their Wants… whatever they may be.

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Who Am I In Short?

I would like to think of myself as a rare type of person. I’m an entrepreneurial artistic & athletic techy. Most of my time is spent working in or on MyWants and its divisions. My favorite thing to do is sit back and think strategy and marketing. Because I wear multiple hats, I also use my self taught skills to design marketing content and build websites. After work is done, I enjoy hanging out with my wife and playing some kind of sport or working out. Racquetball, hiking, lacrosse, Insanity, ultimate frisbee,  and the occasional paintball game is among my favorite hobbies.

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