300 Calorie Meals Project

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I got in contact with an individual who runs a publication in Louisiana called “The Minute Magazine”. The reason I did this was because I wanted to make a connection for MyWants, but I also wanted to possibly write a column for them and get some recognition among their readers. So, I came up with the idea of writing about how people can lose weight using YouTube. Cool article idea, right? haha

As I get into the article I came to a place where I needed to refer my readers in finding 300 calorie meals to eat. However, I ran into a problem! There was a bunch of poor videos and now reliable source for these types of videos. Being the entrepreneur that I am, my wheels started spinning!

I came up with the idea to start a video channel that was all about 300 calorie meals. Come to find out, was also for sale. I contacted the owner and found out they were selling it for only $10. Once I found that out, it was on. I purchased the domain name, setup a YouTube account, and secured profiles on Facebook and Twitter. By that weekend, I had the website setup and ready to go.

The idea behind this project is that I simply give people a resource of 300 Calorie Meals, that is it. With every recipe I can find I will create a video to go along with it to make sure it’s found on YouTube as well.

So if you want some ideas for some low calorie and good tasting meals for you or your family, make sure to check out my new website,

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